Felicia (shrty0052) wrote,

update on summer.

summers been good. very glad it didnt continue the shitty way it started.

a lot of time has been spent with ari, jeanine, and mike. much has also been spent with emily v and dan.

it is always a good time.

my days tend to go like this - wake up early and go to work, come home run and shower and do whatever, hang out with one or more of the the above mentioned people. get home between 12 and 2. repeat. i enjoy it.

here is as far back as i remember:

tuesday- lets see...worked int he morning 4th of july went over em v's for a bbq, to the fireworks with everyone, then to hang out at aris for a while.
wednesday- went to the beach with jeanine and emily, jordan and pam met us there. went to ice ccream and dans mom's birhtday, saw cars, it was hilarous.
thursday- work in the morn again, hung out with ari and jeanine, a lot of chatting then all falling asleep for an hour at 12.
friday - gave blood with dan, or attempted but couldnt finish, hung out with him since he was leaving soon. got yelled at for falling asleep at 10 of 12 durning a story he was telling.
saturday- no work, went to breakfast with dan,he left sunday morning, early dinner with jeanine, ice cream followed, we had a good chat, barns and nobles with mike, then we saw pirates ( dont see this in the theaters 2 and a half hours long, very drawn out)
today- havent done much yet today, baked some cookies, hanging otu with em closs, who i havent seen in a while, and mike. going to santos. too bad only for a little bit but its ok. ive got htings that need to be done. maybe jordans later.

i like having things to do every night. and i like working almost every morning. but i need to work in the middle of the day too i think.

i miss my ari, and i miss my dan. they shall be back next week though.


its hot i want to go swimming.

to everyone who i havent seen that complains about those of us that hang out a lot, and how they arent invited. INVITE YOURSELF, CALL. MAKE THE EFFORT.

this is going to more than one of you by the way. if you dont want to lose touch, the effort goes both ways.
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